Degarda, Galinės g. 8, Galinė LT-14247, Vilnius, Lithuania

International cargo transportation by road transport

International freight transportation by road is the main business area of Degarda. We act as a partner to various transportation companies across Europe, complementing company’s own fleet with our trucks.

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We can carry dangerous goods

We have all the necessary permits to transport dangerous (ADR) cargo across Western Europe, and our drivers have the necessary experience and certificates to transport dangerous goods.
We use modern trucks b- Degarda

We use modern trucks

We transport cargo by one of the newest and the most advanced market-wide DAF and Mercedes trucks. Furthermore, we constantly renew and update our fleet with brand-new trucks.
Variety of trailers, Degarda.

Variety of trailers

Whatever the type of your cargo, we have suitable trailers matching your needs: standard trailers (13,6 m x 2,7 m), refrigerator trailers (13,6 m x 2,7 m) and mega trailers (13,9 m x 3 m) will ensure the convenient delivery. Moreover, refrigerator trailer could be loaded in two levels.

Standard trailer

Standard truck

Mega trailer

Mega truck

Refrigerator trailer

We coordinate the cargo

Our team of experienced transport managers will take care of cargo coordination from ordering and loading to delivery. That means that you as a partner will only need to provide loading and delivery details, and the rest is our responsibility. Also, every vehicle is tracked using the GPS signal, which helps to foresee the exact delivery time and ensure cargo safety along the way.

We operate across Western Europe

Degarda’s trucks transport freights across Western Europe. Most of the cargo is transported between France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, but we are ready to deliver the cargo to any other Western European country.
largest needs for cargo transportation.

We can take care of even the largest transportation needs

Our fleet consists of standard trucks, mega trucks and refrigerator trucks with more than 50 professional drivers, which means we can cater even the largest needs for cargo transportation.