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Social responsibility

We believe that one of the missions of Degarda is to respond to changes in the world and to contribute to initiatives that create a better environment for our employees, clients, partners and community. Only by working together can we create an environment in which we grow and thrive.

The initiatives supported by Degarda:

The desire of Gustas Grinbergas to become a world-renowned racer

Some time ago Degarda supported Gustas Grinbergas’ desire to become a world-renowned racer, and this support brought incredible results. The story shared by Gustas’ father Darius Grinbergas:

“With Vytautas, the CEO of Degarda, we got acquainted at the Academy of Effective Driving. I immediately spotted that Vytautas was highly into car sports. So, when my son Gustas moved from kart racing to car racing, I contacted the real car enthusiast asking for support. We are proud to see Degarda’s logo on one of the fastest cars in the world – European Le Mans championship (ELMS) LMP3 category car, which has Nissan V8 5.0 L 420 HP engine. Gustas is now just 16 years old, he is the youngest ever ELMS racer, but we believe the victory will soon follow. During his karting racer career, he has won lots of medals and has become the winner of the championships, organized in Lithuania, Poland, Italy, he also has won the vice-champion medal at Rok Junior World Championship.”

Moments from the European Le Mans race:

Contribution to Lithuanian women’s football

Degarda is pleased to contribute to the promotion of Lithuanian women’s football and has been supporting the Šiauliai Gintra-University women’s football team for some time now. During that time, the team has become a national champion several times, it also has participated in the UEFA Champions League.
Moments from Gintra-University match:

FA Šiauliai is raising young footballers with the help of Degarda

More than 650 young footballers play football at Šiauliai Football Academy, and the main team of FA Šiauliai is representing Šiauliai city at the 2019 season Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) I League competition. Fun fact: the team is made up of former and current students and is represented only by local residents of Šiauliai!

As a supporter of FA Šiauliai, Degarda helps in developing the best possible conditions for youth interested in football and encourages them to train and become professional football players in the future.

Moments from the match of young Šiauliai footballers:

Victory of Karolis Raišys at the historic Monte Carlo rally

Karolis Raišys is a multiple rally champion and sports master, who has won 1st place in its group at the historic Monte Carlo rally in 2019 and came 4th among 310 other participants in the overall ranking. It’s extraordinary that the racers drive old-fashioned cars at Monte Carlo rally. During the race, Karolis steered Jaguar XK150 FHC, which was manufactured in 1958, and drove more than 2200 kilometres in a few days. Degarda’s team is happy to have contributed to the victory, which has spread the word about Karolis and Lithuania to the world.

Moments from the Monte Carlo race: